Top Scientifically Proven Benefits of Working From Home During the Pandemic

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For many of us, it’s difficult to imagine how we would have earned a living if not for the work-from-home setup.

However, with the current easing of the quarantine mandates comes new work options for some of us. Should you stay at home, go back to the office, or have a bit of both?

To help you decide, let’s look at the pros of a work-from-home setup.

Pros of Working From Home

You’re generally more productive

Studies show that employees report heightened productivity in a work-from-home setup.

This might be because relaxed employees are comparably more productive. Working from home is more relaxing than the daily grind in an office environment because it allows you to find your own pace and it reduces constant environmental pressures.

However, those statistics are mostly from the US or Europe — but what about in the Philippines? Do Filipinos work better at home?

Turns out, we kind of do — but it’s a mixed bag.

While WFH is effective for a lot of cases, it tends to reinforce social isolation, reflected by the surge of calls in the DOH and WHO mental health hotline for the pandemic.

It also tends to favor computer literate workers, those who have the equipment and steady access to the internet, and a conducive workspace — all of which is a struggle to have for plenty of Filipinos.

Nevertheless, if you’re already working from home, then you most likely have a working WFH setup already. In these cases, the numbers already seem to agree that you’re more productive working from home than reporting daily to the office.

Better Work-life balance

Home-based work promotes work-life balance by allowing flexibility in work hours. 

Typically, in most work-from-home setups, you are generally left to your own devices — so long as you can produce the right output in the given time. Plus, the commute! Adulting Pinoys don’t have to spend as much time and money on the road, which means that you can use these precious resources for something else.

This gives you a flexible schedule that allows you to put more time into other things, such as family, hobbies, and even other side-hustles.

Opens up better job opportunities.

If you want to switch jobs or earn more with a side-hustle in addition to the job you have right now, there’s no better environment to do it than today.

This is because the remote work industry is booming; more companies, international and local, are opening up avenues for work, allowing you to explore better opportunities. Plus, it’s easier to apply for international jobs with remote work setups, which means professionals have better options.

Home-based jobs like VAs, writers, freelance designers, etc., are also in high demand in today’s hyper-online environment.

Save more money

pink pig coin bank on brown wooden table

One of the pros of a work-from-home setup is definitely saving more money in the long run.

The gas and commute expenses aren’t the only things you will be saving once you shift to working from home. You will also be liberated from small daily expenses, such as expensive office snacks, outfits, laundry, and more.

Moreover, you can save up whatever portions that used to be expenses to avail of other forms of benefits. For instance, you won’t be using your car as much when you work at home, so you might be able to lower your car insurance premiums if you know who to talk to.

Additionally, you could also seek company benefits while working from home, which might include internet allowances, food allowances, etc.

While it may require you to conduct extra research, you can also explore the requirements for tax breaks to save money. 

Fewer Carbon Emissions

While gaining more opportunities and saving expenses are big benefits, working at home could help you live out your advocacies as well. 

Global warming and climate change are looming threats to human life and safety. By reducing your carbon footprint, you can contribute to saving the environment. One way would be through commuting less, which has been proven to reduce emission rates during the pandemic

Of course, being an environmental advocate is much more complex but reducing your carbon footprint is a start.

Work From Home is the New Normal  

The new normal has opened a different door to many of us. Among the changes we have encountered is working from home.

Contrary to popular belief, remote work has many benefits for your productivity, time, and financial management. 

Although working at home seems merely like a temporary setup, it might just be of advantage for you to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

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